The concept of Ente Keralam came about in a bid to preserve the culinary heritage of Kerala. With ethnic recipes fast fading into oblivion, we were extremely keen to revive and make available these delicious dishes to the discerning customer. At Ente Keralam, we believe in keeping things pure and precise.

We understand that the taste of the food completely depends on the source of the raw material and hence all our ingredients, from the seafood to the spices, are brought down from Kerala. We don't believe in taking shortcuts and understand the importance of quality food. The beauty of Kerala cuisine and more so the recipes we follow, is that there are a lot of hidden secrets and nuances in the cooking process. It is for this simple reason that we have native homemakers cooking the food at our kitchens. Ente Keralam looks to transport you back to a bygone era in the heart of Kerala where food was made with love, care and a whole lot of heart. We hope you enjoy the cuisine at Ente Keralam as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you.Warms regards, Chef Aji Joseph (Corporate Chef, Fine Dine)