Karimeen Pollichathu
(Pearl spot – native Kerala backwater fish – marinated and grilled in a banana leaf)

Thiruvananthapuram Style Kozhi Varuthathu
(Chicken marinated with garlic, fennel, chilli paste and deep-fried. A speciality from the capital of Kerala)

Vazhapoo Cutlets
(Delicately spiced banana blossoms patties, crumb-fried and served with beetroot sauce)

Koon Kurumulakittathu
(Mushroom pepper fry)

(Mildly spiced biriyani – a signature dish from Thalaserry)

Kappa Biriyani
(Tapioca Biriyani – a perfect blend of tapioca and beef with masala)

(Laced rice pancake, also known as hoppers)

(Layered flaky bread, grilled to perfection)

Mutton Stew
(The most favoured accompaniment with appam. Tender mutton stewed with mild spices and coconut milk)

Erachi Ularthiyathu
(Syrian beef fry – signature dish of every Syrian Christian home)

Meen Moilee
(Seer fish cooked with coconut milk and ginger)

Meen Pattichathu
(Fish cooked with spices and kokum in an earthen pot)

Mambazham Pulisseri
(Skimmed curd cooked with seasonal tropical fruits and tempered with mustard seeds)

Vendakka Mappas
(Okra cooked with Kerala spices and coconut milk)

Paal Ada Payasam
(Sweetened rice flakes porridge – a Kerala temple speciality)